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Instructional Materials & Teaching Aids
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From calculators and maps to lab equipment and kickballs, The Classroom Store has many instructional materials for sale. Shop our inventory and buy online!

Whether you teach one subject or all of them, there is a wide range of teaching tools available to help you and your students. From math games and science activities to basketballs and musical instruments, The Classroom Store has a massive selection of instructional resources for sale online. Choose the materials that are right for your curriculum and students across a wide range of subjects.

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Social/Emotional Resources

Social/Emotional Resources

Our Classroom Instructional Materials for Sale Online

Our collection of teaching tools for sale includes games, supplies, books, safety equipment and so much more.

  • Physical education: If you're in charge of helping students get their daily dose of physical activity, you need various types of athletic equipment. We have all the equipment needed for many classic sports and games, including cones and markers. Other products include specialized equipment such as bean bags and scooters, along with playground toys, stopwatches and storage solutions.
  • Science: Science class is a prime opportunity for hands-on learning and often calls for an array of equipment, whether for younger kids or advanced labs. Some resources for high school labs include beakers, weights, measuring tools and safety gear, while younger kids can explore science through a variety of kits and games. They can do everything from creating a circuit to growing beans or dissecting owl pellets. Books, models and posters are also great tools to help students visualize and dig deeper into different topics.
  • Language arts: Reading and writing skills are essential to any young child's education, and we have many instructional materials for teachers to make language arts learning fun. You can focus on vocabulary, spelling, word building, grammar, handwriting and other areas via games, posters, books, flashcards and toys. We also have items for students with special needs.
  • Social studies: Help your students understand history and geography with a versatile collection of books, games, maps and posters. Students can explore historical topics with high-interest books and fill in coloring pages about each of the 50 states after you've presented your lesson on high-quality wall maps.
  • Math:From counting bears to aligning geometric shapes and punching in equations on a calculator, you can use many different teaching aids to further your students' math skills. We have these tools and dry-erase graphs, fake money, transparent counting chips and flashcards for sale online.
  • Music and games: Rhythm is a foundational skill for music education, and young students can start to learn this with age-appropriate instruments such as rhythm sticks, drums and recorders. We also carry games, CDs and classroom toys for both entertainment and skill-learning.
  • In addition to our subject-specific teaching aids for sale, we also have generalized learning activities for topics such as critical thinking, organization, differentiated learning and social skills.

    Purchase Teaching Aids and Instructional Materials at The Classroom Store

    The right instructional resources can be a game-changer for any lesson, and they add opportunities for engagement and fun along the way. The Classroom Store has a large selection of quality teaching aids and instructional materials for sale — all with affordable prices and convenient online ordering. If you have any questions, just reach out to our team!

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