Classroom Art Materials

Classroom Art Materials
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Help students of any age unleash their creativity with The Classroom Store's large inventory of affordable art supplies for sale. Explore art materials today!

Art is a powerful subject that can help students develop a wide range of critical skills, such as creativity, collaboration and sustained attention. When integrated with other subjects, the arts can even improve retention, especially among lower-performing students. Whether you specifically teach art or the entire curriculum of young learners, classroom art supplies likely play a big role in your students' day-to-day activities. The Classroom Store is dedicated to providing a versatile selection of quality school art supplies for sale, all at affordable prices. If you're looking for primary, middle or high school art supplies, we've got you covered.

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Die Cut Machines

Die Cut Machines

Art Supplies for Teachers and Students

At The Classroom Store we carry everything from crayons and colored pencils to specialized art paper and die-cutting machines. Our large inventory includes the following classroom art supplies:

  • Art papers: Different types of art paper lend themselves to specific tasks, such as calligraphy, sketching or presenting. Our wide selection of papers, including rolls, boards and mats, can help you give your students the perfect space to bring their drawings to life. 
  • Chalk, pastels and accessories: Chalk creations can range from doodles on the sidewalk to pieces of highly refined artwork. We carry the supplies for each of these applications, along with accessories such as blending sticks and Workable Fixatif.
  • Clay, glazes and supplies: If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, pottery is a great activity. We have air-dry and modeling clay for sale, as well as other sculpting materials such as plaster of Paris and paper-mache. Don't forget the glazes and modeling tools!
  • Colored pencils: Students can bring color to their illustrations with a variety of affordable colored pencils.
  • Craft supplies: If you're looking for elementary school art supplies for sale, our crafts section is a treasure trove of versatile items, from buttons and feathers to yarn, sand, pipe cleaners and glitter.
  • Crayons: A staple of primary school art supplies, crayons come in many different styles. We have classpacks, Twistables® and jumbo crayons.
  • Die-cut machines and dies: Die-cut machines allow you to quickly cut detailed shapes out of paper. They're great for crafty teachers.
  • Drawing tools: Let your students release their inner illustrators with drawing pencils, pens and charcoal.
  • Glue and adhesives: Adhesives come in handy for lots of different crafts and activities. We have many types of glue and adhesives, as well as duct tape and adhesive removers.
  • Markers: Our selection of markers covers everything from simple Crayola® markers to more sophisticated fine-tipped markers, as well as specialty products such as scented markers, window markers and glitter markers.
  • Paint, supplies and brushes: Depending on the product, paint is a popular choice for both elementary and high school art supplies. We carry acrylics, oil, watercolor and tempera paints, among many others. Other painting products in our inventory include brushes, canvases, aprons, cups, varnishes and gesso.
  • Scissors and paper cutting: Paper-cutting tools, such as scissors, knives and cutting mats, are a great way to create unique shapes.

Classroom Art Supplies for Sale From The Classroom Store

Whether you're looking for art supplies for high schools, primary schools or middle schools, The Classroom Store can help. We offer quality products at affordable prices, and our customer service team is always happy to help.Browse our classroom art supplies for sale online and order today!
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