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Classroom Materials
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Shop classroom materials and supplies designed to help keep your classroom organized and running smoothly throughout the year! Buy online today!

As you work hard to educate the next generation, let us support you with all the necessary materials. From classic #2 pencils and paper to dry-erase boards, folders, notebooks and rulers, these teaching materials support all the basics of education. Whether students are practicing their penmanship, tracking their class schedule or measuring items for a science lab, our classroom supplies for sale can meet their needs. All students from pre-K to grade 12 need to use these kinds of supplies, and The Classroom Store has you - and them - covered.

We carry a wide range of teaching resources for sale online to take care of the basics in your classroom and help you provide affordable, effective educational opportunities.

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Classroom Supplies for Teachers

With the many different activities that occur in the classroom, we carry a diverse selection of classroom materials for sale:

  • Assignment books and planners: Help students learn valuable organizational skills or manage your own complex schedule with student assignment books and class record and plan books.
  • Measuring and drafting: Compasses, protractors and rulers are common tools required for many topics in science and math classes, and we carry several different types.
  • Chart tablets: Prop up your materials with large-scale adhesive notepads and easel pads in a wide variety of designs. These pads are great for picture boards, group activities and handwriting practice.
  • Pencil sharpeners: Whether you're looking for simple manual sharpeners or fancier electric sharpeners, we have a large selection — including crayon sharpeners — for every price range.
  • Classroom notebooks: Notebooks are synonymous with education. We offer many different styles, including classic composition notebooks, spiral-bound notebooks, handwriting notebooks and legal pads.
  • Pencils: The humble pencil comes in more varieties than you may have thought possible. Our selection of pencils includes #2 pencils, mechanical pencils, triangle pencils and pencils for beginners.
  • Classroom storage: Educators know the value of an organized classroom. Get inspired for a clean classroom with our organizational supplies, including storage bins and containers, desk organizers and specialized storage solutions.
  • Reference books: Much of classroom research occurs in reference books such as atlases, dictionaries and thesauruses.
  • Writing paper: Our extensive inventory of writing paper includes many different options, including wide-ruled paper, exam paper, drafting paper and specialty paper.
  • Scissors and cutting: Make cutting out supplies simple with teacher's scissors and trimmers.
  • Dry erase and chalk: We carry a wide range of dry-erase surfaces, great for creative classroom activities, along with accessories such as erasers, pockets, markers and organizers. Our selection also includes chalk and chalkboard accessories.
  • Folders and portfolios: Document storage can quickly get out of hand in a classroom — try using folders and portfolios, including decorative, multipocket and extra-large folders.
  • Teaching Materials for Sale From The Classroom Store

    At The Classroom Store, we offer a massive inventory of classroom materials for teachers who want to create a fun, engaging and educational environment for their students. Affordability is always front and center for us, too. Our teaching resources and classroom supplies are available across a wide range of brands at every price level. We also provide cost-effective shipping options and carry many closeout products if you're looking for an exceptional deal.

    Explore our classroom supplies for sale online in each category!

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