Early Learning Classroom Resources

Early Learning Classroom Resources
Early Learning Classroom Resources

Early childhood educators play an essential role in a child's intellectual and social development - both in the shortterm and long term. From creating a curriculum to chart students' progress to teaching early learners about colorsand shapes, an educator's day is full of laughter, challenge and endless variety.

With an impressive collection of early childhood educational products, The Classroom Store strives to help you createan effective learning environment for your students. We offer a vast array of safe, high-quality and developmentallyappropriate early learning supplies that support educational outcomes and learning standards for children.




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Our early learning resources meet the needs of all children by building learning skills for the 21st century —character building, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication. The Classroom Store has it all,from alphabet cards and math games to early learning workbooks and beads for honing fine motor skills in earlylearners.

Whether you already work with children or are just embarking on an early childhood education career, you'll findindustry-leading early learning education tools and supplies with us.

Why Choose Us for Early Learning Supplies?

The Classroom Store has provided early learning education tools and supplies for educators since 1894. We helpclassroom teachers and other educators discover new ways to decorate their classroom, find unique, inspiring ideasfor educating a particular subject or grade, or browse for fun bargains.

Buy your early learning resources from The Classroom Store because:

  • We carry a vast selection of early classroomsupplies and resources from anarray of manufacturers.
  • We develop and maintain close relationships with manufacturers who can assist in marketing and educational efforts.
  • We have built a reputation for our selection of impossible-to-find, close-out products.
  • The Importance of Developmentally Appropriate Tools and Resources for Children

    We understand the importance of having developmentally appropriate tools and supplies at your disposal. At TheClassroom Store, we work hard to ensure you have access to a range of early learning resources that accommodateevery child's unique characteristics, interests and skills. A classroom with age-appropriate materials for childrenis imperative, especially for early learners.

    Appropriate learning resources allow preschoolers to engage in active play, experiment and solve problems.Preschoolers also need materials and toys that promote physical development at this essential time in their lives.Examples of developmentally appropriate early learning resources include:

  • Floor puzzleswith large pieces.
  • Wooden building blocks.
  • Simple games with few pieces, like Chutes and Ladders.
  • Balls of various sizes and shapes.
  • Find Early Learning Resources for Your Classroom Today

    Kurtz Bros., Inc. established The Classroom Store to put our decades of experience in education to use to helpeducators and teachers provide a fun, productive, safe environment for early learners.

    With our broad suite of instructional materials, classroom materials and teaching supplies, wehave everything you need to create a classroom that will get your students excited to learn. Visit our site today,and feel free to reach out to arepresentative with any comments, suggestions or comments you may have!

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