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From pre-school through high school, there's always a way to work creativity and Crayola into your lesson plans. Whether you're teaching third graders about volcanoes or high school seniors about graphing equations, colorful and creative Crayola products can help illustrate a concept and engage your students.

Crayola products are perfect for art classes at any level, but their use also extends beyond the art room. Use them for projects related to math, science, history, culture or literature to add more dimension to your lessons and allow your students to create a project they're proud to show off.

For a mid-level science class, you could use Crayola Model Magic and tempera paints to create dioramas about different kinds of animals or habitats you may be studying. For higher-level classes, have students use paints, markers and glue to make visually appealing posters about various topics to present to their classmates.

Create Multimodal Lesson Plans

In any classroom, you'll have students who learn best through different modes of learning. The four primary types of learning are auditory, kinesthetic, writing/reading and visual. However, not every student will fit neatly into a single category.

To most effectively communicate with each student, create multimodal lesson plans that incorporate several teaching and learning styles. Adding arts and crafts projects into your lessons adds visual and kinesthetic value to help more students understand the information.

For example, a multimodal lesson about the layers of the Earth may begin with a lecture, communicating the basic information to auditory and reading learners. Including charts and diagrams in your presentation can help reach visual learners, but kinesthetic learners may need a hands-on project to retain the information.

To add a kinesthetic element, you could have students use Crayola modeling clay to create miniatures of the Earth and its layers. Students who are kinesthetic learners will enjoy the activity and may have an easier time learning the information presented.

Stock up on Crayola With Classpacks

At The Classroom Store, we offer many Crayola products for sale online, including affordable classpacks that help you get the supplies you want in the quantities you need for your students. Start the new year with a fully stocked classroom and help your students learn through discovery, creativity and creation.

Browse our massive online inventory of Crayola products and project ideas to help plan your lessons and offer your students more art projects at any level and on any subject matter.

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