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Learning Advantage products teach critical skills in hands-on ways. Find a wide selection of Learning Advantage products for sale at The Classroom Store.

Learning Advantage develops and distributes educational products for students of various grade levels. These toys, manipulatives and games are play-based to engage students of all learning styles and abilities. With over 20 years of experience, Learning Advantage creates products that are trusted by teachers of many grade levels across the United States and Canada.



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The Classroom Store has a wide selection of Learning Advantage products for sale online. These toys are designed for subjects like math and reading. The collection also includes materials to help teach practical, emotional, logical, motor and social skills. Students of any age benefit from having Learning Advantage products in their classroom.

Use Early Math Resources to Teach Counting and More

Early math resources from Learning Advantage help young students learn basic math concepts in fun, hands-on ways. Some of these products include:

  • Connecting Camels: The Connecting Camels game encourages students to play while learning measuring, patterns, comparison, counting and other skills. This set includes 96 plastic camel figurines in three sizes, six colors and three weights. The Connecting Camels Sequencing Cards guide activities for sequencing and pattern recognition.
  • Rainbow Pebbles®:Rainbow Pebbles offer a colorful way to teach students sorting, sequencing and counting skills as they manipulate the stones into fun shapes. This set includes 36 pebbles and 20 activity cards.
  • Number Bonds Dry Erase Boards: The number-relationship erase board offers a visual take on addition and subtraction problems to help students understand number relationships. This knowledge base will prepare students for more advanced math problems. Each set includes 10 boards.
  • Color Match Eggs: The Color Match Eggs game teaches color matching, number recognition and counting while helping kids develop finger dexterity and coordination. Students can pull the eggs apart to match the colors. Each set includes 12 eggs and a plastic egg carton.

Encourage Sensory Play With Tactile Toys

Tactile devices stimulate the senses to encourage learning and playful curiosity. Tactile toys from Learning Advantage include:

  • Touch and Match Board: The Touch and Match Board encourages students to match textured game pieces with corresponding textured surfaces on the board. This fun game develops sensory, motor and language skills while stimulating the senses.
  • Sensory Block Set: The Sensory Block Set has 16 rubberwood blocks with glitter, sand, beads and acrylic. As students play with the blocks, they learn shape and pattern recognition.
  • TacTile™ Blocks: The TacTile Blocks game is a stimulating construction toy for pre-K students. Flexible blocks with soft bristles encourage imaginative play while helping students develop dexterity, shape recognition and hand-eye coordination.
  • Rainbow Glitter Shapes:Rainbow Glitter Shapes are an eye-catching sensory toy that teaches students colors and shapes. Each piece has a hole at the top, so teachers can lace shapes together to create patterns or hang them in windows to decorate the classroom.

Purchase Learning Advantage Classroom Products Today

The Classroom Store is your source for various toys, games and devices from Learning Advantage. Our educational resources will encourage your students to learn, grow and engage in lessons. Shop Learning Advantage products and place your order today!

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