School Display Cases

School Display Cases
School Display Cases

School display cases are a great way to showcase the school's history and achievements. They're ideal for hallway exhibits, trophy displays and medal racks. Let your students take pride in their school's achievements by flaunting awards and recognition in stellar display cases. Browse The Classroom Store's catalog to find the right one for your needs.



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Selecting the Right School Display Case

Display cases may all look the same, but there are subtle differences in each style. Here are some of the different options to help you select the best choice for what you want to display.

Floor Display Cases

Floor display cases are arguably the most common type of display case. They're like your typical home cabinets with glass doors and shelving and a thick wooden frame. Floor display cases are ideal for libraries, school museums or areas with a large floor space. They're best used for displaying trophies, plaques and other bulky school memorabilia.

Tabletop Display Cases

Tabletop display cases are four-legged tables fitted with a glass top. Standard tabletop display cases are rectangular in shape and only have one to two layers of shelving. Depending on your needs and preferences, however, they can also be customized to fit your specifications. Tabletop display cases are best used for flat items, such as medals, photographs, letters and other paper memorabilia.

Wall-Mounted Display Cases

Wall-mounted display cases serve as an exhibit or as a bulletin board for important school announcements. They're best placed in high-traffic areas such as hallways, covered walkways and gym walls. Wall-mounted display cases can be decorated with streamers, retired jerseys and other school merchandise.

Things to Look for in School Trophy Cases for Sale

Before purchasing display cases for your school, take note of these important factors:

  • Shelving: The shelving holds most of the display case's weight, including those of the items. Be sure to choose a shelving that can withstand heavy weight like tempered glass. It's also easy to clean and makes the items on display truly stand out. In terms of design, display case shelving can be in straight or alternating layers.
  • Backing: Display case backing is another important consideration. The most popular backing options are mirrors, laminated wood, fabric or white melamine.
  • Frame: The frame holds the structure together and also affects the overall look of the display. If you prefer a natural look to the cabinet, wood framing suits best, while steel or aluminum frames are better if you're going for a contemporary style.
  • Lighting: To better showcase your school accolades and keepsakes, consider adding lighting. Display cases with cornice lighting are an option, but remember to follow conservation guidelines on lighting, especially for old memorabilia.
  • Door type: Doors provide added protection to your school relics by keeping them out of reach of the students. Whether you choose sliding or hinged doors, make sure your display case also has a built-in lock.

Shop School Display Cases for Sale

Display cases are an excellent way to showcase your school's rich history while also keeping priceless memorabilia protected. Get high-quality display cases at The Classroom Store and preserve important school artifacts for generations. Shop online or call us at 844-818-5966. You can also contact us online for questions and additional information.

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