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Die-Cut Decor and Classroom Management

With quick and easy die-cutting in the classroom, educators have countless opportunities for creating decorations, organizational labels, informational posters, eye-catching bulletin boards and interactive classroom management aids. These additions help make the classroom a friendly and effective learning environment.For example, you could use our Holiday SureCut™ Die Set to create bulletin boards or fun monthly calendars themed around upcoming holidays, like hearts for February or pumpkins for October. Cut perfect shapes using the die-cutting machine and write on numbers or use a number die to cut them out.

3 Ways to Get Hands-on With Kinesthetic Learning

Every student is unique, with different ways that they learn best. You can ensure every student gets the most effective education by incorporating various activities into your lesson plans.Kinesthetic learning activities may include physical games, flashcards, using models or putting together crafty projects. These activities allow students to learn in a more hands-on way, reinforcing the lesson and increasing retention. Kinesthetic activities are useful for any aged students K-12 and beyond and any subject or lesson.

Create 3D Geometric Shapes

Use Ellison's SureCut 3D Geometrics Dies to teach middle-grade math students about geometry and finding the area of 3D shapes. First, leave them flat so each student can determine the surface area of the flat object. Then have them assemble the 3D shape and measure again to explain the concept and prove the surface area remains unchanged.You can cut out 24 square base pyramid shapes for more advanced students and assemble them to create a stellated rhombic dodecahedron. Use this intricate shape to bring geometry to life and expand on lessons about polygons, volume and area.

A Tactile Way to Tell Time

Ellison's SureCut Clock Dies allow you to cut out large paper clocks and movable hands. You can use these clocks with students learning to tell time and read an analog clock.Distribute a paper clock to each student and ask them to move the hands to indicate the times that you shout out to the class. Every student will be engaged in the process, and you can get a good look at everyone's progress with the concept.

Matching Games for All Ages

Create die-cut shape matching games for students of all ages. You can play a classic memory game with younger students or ask them to match each picture with the correct word to work on reading skills. Older students learning a new language can learn in much the same way by matching a shape they recognize with the word for that shape.

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