Classroom Charging Stations

Classroom Charging Stations
Classroom Charging Stations

Modern classrooms use technology to make lessons interesting and encourage learner engagement. As a teacher, capturing students' attention using available resources and creativity is important. When you use interactive whiteboards, projectors, audio systems, speakers, laptops and computers, you need charging stations to keep them powered up.





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The Classroom Store sells charging stations for schools to suit any classroom, grade and budget. Our diverse range accommodates various systems and includes different sizes.

Classroom Charging Stations for Sale

Classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms should ideally be equipped with charging stations to facilitate activities better, especially where continual access to supplemental power is required.

Here are the top charging station categories and what we stock in each. We've summarized our selection to help you find something suitable.

USB Charging Towers

Charging towers like our LuxPower Mobile AC and USB Charging Tower are hubs that help safeguard mobile phones and tablets from damage while charging. Libraries, study halls and classrooms experience high foot traffic, so device protection is essential. This tower has eight USB charging ports and eight AC outlets to charge 16 devices in total. The padded platform keeps devices safe and can be adjusted.

The tower is mobile, as small wheels allow you to move it around.

Desktop Charging Station Systems

Our KwikBoost EdgePower™ charging unit clamps onto desktops and has USB-A and USB-C charging ports for compatible devices. It is rechargeable and can charge two devices simultaneously. A fully charged unit charges a laptop twice, a Chromebook approximately four times and a smartphone up to 14 times.

We also have models with up to nine charger bays and three to six batteries and clamps. These heavy-duty units can charge several devices longer than the KwikBoost unit.

Tablet or Chromebook Charging Cart

Rolling charging carts are the solution for storing multimedia devices like tablets and Chromebooks while they charge. The sleek, modern bookcase design lets you access your device easily. Other features of these charging carts include:

  • Mobility: Four casters with two locking brakes allow easy movement.
  • Strength: Sturdy steel frames to support the maximum device weight capacity.
  • Protection: Padded sloped shelves provide extra protection against device damage.
  • Organization: Cord clips hold cables in place for a clean and neat appearance.

These efficient charging stations are suitable for tech-enabled classrooms, multimedia centers and other rooms with numerous devices.

Explore Our Other Charging Units

We also have versatile charging stations that suit classrooms, offices, meeting rooms and other spaces. Our products include:

  • Mobile power tower station: Its slim design is ideal for group settings, allowing up to eight users to simultaneously charge their mobile phones or laptops while the unit is placed in the center.
  • The home office: This office-in-a-box design was created for remote workers. It combines office desk elements in a mobile unit for optimal efficiency.

Stay Charged With The Classroom Store

Whatever your classroom charging station requirements, we'll meet your needs. The Classroom Store stocks many closeout, rare products for various applications. Shop our charging units and carts today, or reach out with any questions!

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