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Learning Resources classroom products help teach important concepts to students. Browse educational toys at The Classroom Store and order today.

Learning Resources was founded in 1984 to provide teaching and learning resources for educators. Learning Resources classroom products engage students in lessons and excite them to learn. These products are designed for students of many ages, and they cover many topics and subjects - like math, language arts, physical science, coding, and social and emotional learning.




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The Classroom Store has a wide selection of products, toys, games and devices from Learning Resources. These classroom materials are designed for students from pre-K age to 8 years old. Learning Resources products help teach students important topics in a fun way.

Teach the Alphabet With Skill-Based Toys and Games

Learning Resources alphabet skills products teach students the basics of language arts. Some toys help young students learn the alphabet and phonics, while older students can use games to form basic words and practice spelling. Learning Resources alphabet toys establish a foundation for literacy to set students up for success.

Some of the alphabet skills toys we stock include:

  • Magnetic Board Alphabet and Numbers Kit: This alphabet and numbers board kit has 36 uppercase and 36 lowercase magnetic letters, seven math symbols and 20 numbers students can attach to a board. This toy teaches students to recognize letters and numbers so they can develop basic reading and math skills. The magnetic alphabet and letters are also available separately.
  • Smart Snacks® Alpha Pops™:Alpha Pops are toys shaped like popsicles with uppercase and lowercase letters printed on them. Students can pop these letters together to match the uppercase letters to their lowercase counterparts.
  • Puzzle Cards:Puzzle Cards for kindergarten students teach counting, spelling and letter recognition. They feature full-color illustrations to help students understand the meaning of words.
  • Playfoam® Shape and Learn Letter Sounds: The Playfoam set for phonics teaches letter sounds and formation using Playfoam. Students can place Playfoam on a letter card and shape it to fit the letter, then speak the name of the corresponding object on the card to learn the sound the letter makes.

Use Educational Games to Teach Math Concepts

Learning Resources offers several early math resources. Our toys for pre-K students teach basic math concepts like number recognition and counting. We also have games to teach older students advanced math skills like equations, geometry and algebra.

Some of the math toys and games for sale at The Classroom Store include:

  • Baby Bear™ Counters: The Baby Bear Counter has 102 bear figurines in six bright colors. Students can play with the bears to learn counting, sorting, patterns, color recognition and measuring.
  • Beads and Pattern Cards: This patterned beads game comes with colorful wood cylinders, cubes, spheres and laces to teach early math and reading skills to pre-K to second-grade students.
  • Number Bonds Magnetic Demo: Make learning equations fun with a Number Bonds Magnetic Demo kit. Students can use circles, squares, lines and magnetic discs to illustrate math problems. This game teaches math facts and number relationships.
  • Learning Essentials Mini Motor Math Activity Set: This motor math game has a racetrack, car figurines and dice. Students must count the numbered spaces to advance their cars down the track to reach the finish line. This game offers a fun way for students pre-K and up to learn counting, number sequencing, patterns and addition.

Get Learning Resources Classroom Products for Sale at The Classroom Store

If you want to add Learning Resources educational toys to your classroom, shop at The Classroom Store. We have the classroom materials you need to engage your students in learning math, language arts and more. Browse our selection of Learning Resources products online and place your order today.

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