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The Products You Need to Keep Everything Clean

Your classroom goes through a lot every day, so it gets dirty quickly. No matter what grade level you teach, having that many students in any space makes your classroom a hotspot for dirt, grime and germs. Effective cleaning products are critical to protect yourself and your students.

Our collection of CLR classroom cleaners can help you tackle any mess and clean your classroom from top to bottom. Every classroom is unique, with different requirements for cleaning solutions, but CLR has a product to keep anything clean.

CLR Heavy-Duty multi-surface cleaner is perfect for cleaning shared learning tools like writing instruments, math manipulatives and craft supplies. Surfaces that your students frequently touch, like desks, walls and countertops, should also be cleaned regularly. A multi-surface cleaner is also perfect for germ hotspots like light switches, doorknobs and pencil sharpeners.

If your classroom has sinks, a kitchen area or other specialized features, we have CLR products to get the job done. Browse our available products to find what you need to keep your classroom clean.

Add Cleaning to Your Curriculum

As a teacher, you already go above and beyond to create an effective learning environment and help your students thrive. Cleaning is a necessary part of classroom maintenance to stay organized and keep everyone safe from germs and dirt. But you don't have to take on all the cleaning alone — try working cleaning into your curriculum.

Depending on your students' ages, you may be able to include cleaning up the classroom as part of their educational experience. Teach your students how germs spread and the different illnesses they can avoid by maintaining a clean space. These lessons will teach them life skills they will use beyond the classroom for the rest of their lives.

Make cleaning fun for your students by creating cleaning teams with rotating tasks so everyone has a turn to take on each project. Play music to keep their energy up or turn it into a game — maybe whoever comes back with the dirtiest rag gets a reward.

With CLR products, you never have to worry about your students' safety as you clean. The products provide the cleaning power you need but are non-toxic and safe to use in any environment. For younger students, consider assigning one student to be in charge of spraying cleaner for the others with close supervision from an adult.

Get Cleaning With CLR

The Classroom Store has everything you need to create a healthy and effective learning space. Shop our selection of CLR classroom products for sale to find exactly what you need to keep your space clean.
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