Cross-Curricular Early Learning

Cross-Curricular Early Learning
Early Learning Resources for Sale | The Classroom Store
Early learners must master different skills than older children. Browse our selection of early learning teaching tools to meet students' needs. Order online.
Toys and games aren't the only things you need to support young learners. From activities that help them practice basic shapes to entertaining and educational CDs, we have many different early learning teaching tools for sale.




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Our Early Learning Teaching Tools

At The Classroom Store, we have a wide range of resources for early learners that cover many basic skills and developmental needs:
  • American Sign Language: American Sign Language is a valuable language for hearing, deaf and hard-of-hearing students alike. If you're teaching children how to sign, these resources, such as flashcards, alphabet lines and books, can provide easy-to-follow instructions and visual tools.
  • Calendars and posters: Make sure your classroom has fun, functional decor, such as kindness posters that teach about treating others right, or classroom calendars for learning about days, months, seasons, weather and holidays.
  • CDs: Auditory information and music are great ways to engage the senses and get kids learning through song. CDs might include songs about friendship, literacy and emotional learning, but they're also great for getting kids jumping and moving for some physical activity.
  • Emotions and social skills: Learning social skills takes years, but you can give students a head start with resources such as emotional faces and games to help them navigate their moods and social situations. Building this foundation can be incredibly valuable as they interact with peers and grown-ups throughout their lives.
  • Flashcards: Start working on shapes, numbers, animals and other basic skills with fun kids' flashcards. We have cards for many different subjects, along with Hot Dots Talking Pens that provide auditory and visual feedback when the child presses down on a card for a more interactive experience.
  • Learning mats: These handy, durable sheets have various learning resources printed on them, such as numbers and parts of words, for easy reference. Many early learning mats are dry-erase, so students can trace shapes, letters and numbers.
  • Readiness kits: These kits help you target essential preschool and kindergarten tasks, so your young learner is ready when they get there. Components include manipulatives, activity books, hands-on tools and parent guidebooks.
Whether you're looking for classroom resources or want to teach early learning skills at home, our early learning resources for sale online make it easy to get what you need. You can find toys for individual students to work with or kits suitable for entire classroom instruction. Both options let you work on those essential early learning skills that set students up for academic success and appropriate development.

Supporting Your Early Learners With Resources From The Classroom Store

At The Classroom Store, we want you to get the right tools for your early learners. Parents and teachers can depend on The Classroom Store for a wide variety of quality early learning resources — even the hard-to-find ones. Be sure to check out our closeout section for special deals!
If you have any questions about our early learning teaching tools, reach out to a customer service representative today. Or, explore our full inventory and order online. 

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