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Sticky Notes for Classroom Management

Post-It sticky notes are an excellent tool for educators to keep themselves and their students organized. You can use Post-It products in your own work to keep paperwork sorted, make notes and reminders for yourself, or even create an inexpensive, customized lesson planning book.The various colors of Post-It notes available allow you to color-code your work. Perhaps you could label your "to-grade" pile with pink Post-Its and your "return to students" pile with green.You can also use your Post-Its to manage your students in your classroom. Create a seating chart by writing their names on Post-Its, and move them around as needed. Alternatively, you can write each student's name on a Post-It and stick it to their assigned seat to help them find their place.Sticky notes are great for quiet communication with your students during independent work. You could develop a color-coded system where your students can stick a note to their desk to indicate if they need help without disturbing their classmates.

3 Ideas for Using Post-Its in Your Curriculum

There are thousands of ways to incorporate Post-It products into your classroom curriculum that keep your students engaged and enrich their education. Post-Its can be used for any grade level and in any subject, and they'll always present an interesting and tactile experience for the students.

1. Demonstrate Challenging Concepts

Many students are active learners who need to see a concept in action before it clicks. Connect with your students through active learning by creating a visual representation of difficult-to-understand topics using Post-It products. During math lessons, for example, you can actively demonstrate how to carry the one or create bar graphs that help students visualize data.

2. Encourage Independent and Collaborative Work

Post-It products provide the perfect opportunity to have your students each create part of a larger project. Have them work on individual Post-Its, then bring them all together in one big display, like a list, chart or collaborative brainstorm.Working like this allows every student to feel like they've contributed to the final product, and creates an impressive visual everyone can be proud of.

3. Make Everything Interactive

Post-It products are famous for their light adhesive that keeps the notes stuck, but easy to remove and move around. This quality means they work well for creating interactive games and activities that will keep kids actively engaged in the learning process.

Get Post-It Products Delivered to Your Door

The Classroom Store has everything you need to create a fun, well-stocked classroom to help your students flourish. Shop online to find a wide selection of Post-It classroom products for sale to bring your ideas to life.

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