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Spruce up Your Space

In most classrooms across the country, educators receive a blank room to bring to life with colorful decorations and comforting touches. You can use your Flagship Carpets to cover that cold tile floor and create a welcoming space that encourages joy and education.

At The Classroom Store, we offer a wide variety of decorative Flagship Carpets options for your space. Choose from brightly-colored Ameristrong™ solids or add some subtle texture with a Tone On Tone rug with either Hashtag™ or Swirl™ patterns.You can also opt for a floor covering that provides more than decoration by selecting one that helps teach. We carry carpets with addition and subtraction tables, the alphabet and even sign language letters.

Make Seating Quick and Easy

In pre-school and elementary classrooms, students spend time sitting on the floor for circle time, storytime, group activities and instruction. They need somewhere comfortable to sit so they can focus their attention on the task at hand. Flagship Carpets offers a wide range of rugs designed to make floor seating easy for students.

Sitting Spots™ rugs feature round or square spots for each student to sit on. They can choose a spot on their own, or you can assign students to particular spots for added guidance. These carpets are available as rectangles or ovals in earth tones or bright primary colors.As an alternative to Sitting Spots Carpets, we also offer individual Jumbo Seating Squares™ in various colors. Your students can select a square and take it anywhere they need a soft surface for sitting, including anywhere in the classroom, hallway or outdoors.

Create a Cozy Reading Corner

You can create distinct areas within your classroom by changing your decorations, clustering similar furniture and using Flagship Carpets rugs. Use our circular Reading is the Engine™ Classroom Rug to create a cozy reading corner where students can escape to spend some quiet time reading independently.

Activity Rugs for Playtime

Allow your students to unleash their imaginations and creativity with activity rugs from Flagship Carpets. These rugs offer games, maps, and spaces to play with different props and toys either independently or with other students.For example, give your students toy cars and let them explore our Places To Go™ Carpet or consult our included teaching manual with learning games for ways to create fun educational moments.

Upgrade Your Classroom Floor

Enhance your space with Flagship Carpets classroom products for sale at The Classroom Store. Shop online to find everything you need to create an effective, welcoming and comfortable space for your students.
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