14 100th Day of School Activities 

November 8, 2023 | Classroom Tips

Reaching 100 days of school is a huge accomplishment for both you and your students! It’s an exciting day that your class needs to celebrate because you deserve it, and children usually need a good boost to motivate them in the middle of winter — 100th-day activities are a great way to do that.

Celebrating 100 days of school activities for kindergarten or elementary children can be especially heartwarming. You’ve watched them grow through challenges and triumphs. Now they get to celebrate how far they’ve come. So, what can you do to celebrate this special day? In this guide, we’ve compiled 14 100th day of school activities that will absolutely thrill your students.

1. Create 100th-Day Crowns

One way to really make your students feel their achievements is by making a 100 days of school crown. On their 100th day, create a fun class activity where everyone gets together and makes their own crown.

Experiment with some fun designs and decorations. For instance, you could embellish the band with jewel designs and the words, “I am 100 days smarter.” For the arches, cut out 10 colorful strips of cardboard or paper. Allow the children to decorate each strip differently with 10 shapes or patterns of their choice, such as stars, hearts or swirls, for a total of 100 designs.

What’s great about this activity is that it allows the children to practice counting to 10, ten times each, when they draw these patterns. Once the children put their 100th day crowns together, they get to have fun showing them off. What better way to spend their 100th day of school celebration than to feel like the conquerors they are?

2. Create a Poster for the 100th Day of School

Get your students thinking about all the positives in life, whether related to 100 reasons why they enjoy going to school or 100 things that make them happy each day. To make it more enjoyable, put them into groups and allow them to create 100 reasons altogether.

Alternatively, you could create a large poster yourself and put it up on the wall, allowing each of the kids to add their reasons until it reaches 100. Whichever method you choose, these posters will create beautiful memories for your students and wonderful decorations you can keep on your classroom walls for years to come. Look back at this poster on the last day of school to see how far your students have come!

3. Make a 100th-Day Acts of Kindness Board

Another creative poster idea that radiates positivity is a 100 Acts of Kindness Bulletin Board. This activity will help your students understand the importance of kindness and respect and the rewards that come with them. More importantly, it stimulates the socio-emotional development children need early on in their lives.

To further encourage your students, offer them a treat every time they write something on the board until they’ve filled all 100 slots. Once the day ends, you can put this board up on your wall for the rest of the year so that it always inspires them to be kind.

4. Give the Children 100th-Day School Badges or Certificates

Creating a 100 Days of School badge for each of your students is a great way to show them that they’ve made an accomplishment to be proud of. Be sure to add safety pins to these badges to ensure their safety. Even better, make sticker badges. That way, all you need to do is stick one onto each child’s shirt.

An even greater alternative to this is to give each of your students a 100 Days of School certificate as a prize for their achievement. This can especially get your students excited to bring them home to show off to their families.

5. Have Them Write Community Building Letters

Classroom culture and atmosphere are critical to any school environment. Work to strengthen classroom values on your students’ 100th day of school by having them write community-building letters. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Let each of your students write their names on a small piece of paper and fold it before placing it into a hat.
  2. Allow each of your students to close their eyes and randomly draw a name from the hat so they don’t pick someone themselves.
  3. Each student should now write a letter to the student they picked. The message they write should be positive and convey why they’re happy to know that student.
  4. The 100th-day twist is that the letter should include 100 positive words about that classmate.
  5. Once all students have completed their letters, they can each deliver and receive them.

To make this exercise easier for your students, create an outline of 10 questions for these letters, such as positive words to describe them, reasons why they like that student, what they enjoy doing with them and what other games they would like to play with that student. All they need to do is give 10 answers or words for each. You can also put up a list of positive words as suggestions and inspiration, like “helpful,” “friendly” and “funny.”

This powerful community-building activity can become even more fun when you provide everyone with fun decorations for their letter and encourage them to draw too. Your classroom family will be in much better shape to take on the rest of the year after this activity!

6. Bring 100 of One Item

This fun activity helps the children visualize what 100 of something looks like. It’s especially interesting because of how different this can look depending on the item. For example, 100 Fruit Loops will appear different from a stack of 100 sheets of paper.

Allow each of the children to bring in 100 of one small item. This can include Lego blocks, candy, pennies, stickers or anything they prefer. Create a display or gallery walk for the children and have them use their items to make a collage of the number 100 or simply write the number 100 out. Once everyone finishes the display, you all get to enjoy any of the snacks or candy the children may have brought in to build their 100. Yum!

7. Make 100-Themed Shirts

Give your students a fun day to remember by letting them decorate their own T-shirts! Allow each of your students to bring a plain T-shirt from home. Provide them with different color paints, sequins, stickers, beads, glue and more, and see what cool designs they come up with.

Just make sure they know their T-shirts should have a 100-day theme. This can include adorning the number 100 itself, adding 100 decorations to their shirt or drawing 100 designs. It’s a fun T-shirt they can wear for their 100th day of school celebration and treasure for a long while. You could even take a class photo and frame it to hang on the wall so that it reminds everyone of the special day.

8. Build a 100 Cup Structure

Children can build so many creative structures with Lego blocks and just about anything. Still, what can they build with 100 cups? Bring 100 cups to school and see for yourself. This fun activity is an excellent opportunity to see how far their imagination goes and how much it can grow.

Try turning this activity into a collaborative event, allowing everyone to create a structure together and play as they please. Alternatively, you could turn it into a classroom competition. Place your students into teams and let them know that the team with the most votes for the coolest structure wins. You can even make it so that the group with the highest free-standing structure wins. Either way, they’ll have fun letting their imaginations run wild.

9. Have Them Create 100 Words Books

If you prefer a writing exercise, try the 100 words book activity. One hundred words may seem like 1,000 to your students. Show them how attainable that word count really is. It might surprise them to see that they know way more than 100 words.

To do this activity, create a five-page booklet for each of your students with numbering for 10 words on the front and back of each page. After they’ve filled in 100 words, they’ll gain a newfound confidence that they know so much more than they thought.

Allowing the children to complete these booklets in groups can also be a fun experience. Together, they’ll realize that there are so many objects, consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words, names and more that they can write. What a great way to show them how capable they are!

10. Wind Down With 100-Themed Prompts

Spend the last hour of your students’ school day having an interesting chat with your class. Ask them some fun prompts and allow them to share their answers with the class. The best way to show them that this is a relaxed chat is by allowing everyone to sit on the mat or bring their chairs to the rug.

Ask them a question about why they would love to live to 100 years old (or why they prefer their youth over living to 100!). Some answers might be sweet, and others might be hilarious — regardless, it would be a fun chat.

Another amusing prompt would be to ask the children what they would do with $100 — a very exciting question. A prompt that might require a bit more thought includes 100 things your students have learned in school so far. Let them know that any answer they think of is great. Learning to write their name or add 6+4 are very valid answers!

Write these answers down on a chart or board until it’s reached 100, and then put it on the classroom wall to remind your students how smart they are!

11. Create Now and Then Pictures

Surprise your students for their 100th-day celebration with a picture of how they’ll look at 100 years old. To do this, print out a picture of how they look now and a filtered picture of them looking 100. Put both pictures on a card, side-by-side and label one side with “This is me today” and the other with “This is me when I am 100 years old.”

These pictures will get them so excited to show everyone what they’ll look like. It’s a sure way to fill your classroom with laughter.

Alternatively, you could turn this into an activity for your students. They can draw a picture of how they look now on one side and a picture of how they’ll look at 100 years old on the other side. Either way, they’ll have a great time showing everyone their pictures and seeing everyone else’s.

12. Give Them Personalized $100 Bills

Give your students an eye-popping experience with personalized $100 bills. Get a picture of each of your students and add a filter that matches the $100 bill before printing it. Then, print out these fun $100 bills for each student. Put the two together and have them laminated so they last longer after you’ve given them to your students. It’s a gift that will both surprise and excite them. Seeing those reactions will definitely make it worth your effort.

You can make an activity out of this for your students by asking them to write about or draw what they’d like to buy with $100. You may find fascinating responses. After all, $100 is a lot for a small child. They can even draw their own portrait on a slip of paper that’s roughly the size of a $100 bill — about 6 inches by 2.5 inches.

13. Read 100th Day Books Together

Reading together can be a fun experience for children when the books catch their interest. For their 100th day, celebrate with a book they might relate to or have a good laugh at. Here are three fun books to consider:

  • Happy 100th Day by Susan Milord: This hilarious and sweet book follows the story of a boy whose birthday falls on the same day as his school’s 100th-day celebration. There are 100 of certain items in each illustration, making a fun scavenger hunt for your students.
  • Hello Reader! Level 1: The 100th Day by Grace Maccarone and Alayne Pick: This story displays wonderfully simple language that your students might be able to read. They’ll enjoy it, too, because it’s a beautiful story that teaches children to accept each other along with their differences.
  • Hooray for the 100th Day! by Judy Katschke: This book is another easy-to-read book that conveys the importance of doing good deeds and even tells a few jokes that will make your entire class laugh.

14. Watch Fun Counting Videos

Celebrate the 100th day with exciting counting videos! Children often love singing and dancing along, so find counting videos that celebrate the 100th day. Allow the kids to watch it during a class party or at snack time. Videos like these will make them happy and even more excited about their achievement.

Plan 100-Day Activities With Materials From The Classroom Store

Think you’ve figured out how you’ll celebrate your students’ 100th day of school? We wish you and the children a wonderful journey ahead as they continue to conquer this year! If you or your school need any supplies for your 100-day activities or classroom materials going further, The Classroom Store has you covered! Whether you need classroom resources and decorations or furniture for your office area or classroom, we’re prepared to get your learning space ready for students of many ages.

Have a look at our many school products online today, or reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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