Crayola® Let Your Colors Shine Classroom Theme

Crayola® Let Your Colors Shine Classroom Theme
Crayola® Let Your Colors Shine Classroom Theme
"The Classroom Store has Crayola Let Your Colors Shine classroom theme products. Get bulletin board sets to teach the alphabet, numbers and more. Shop today!"

Crayola is best known for colorful wax crayons, but it offers more than art supplies for children. The brand is committed to helping teachers bring art and creativity into the classroom to inspire students.



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The Crayola Let Your Colors Shine classroom theme is a line of decor and accent products for classroom bulletin boards, hallways, doors and walls. The Classroom Store offers a range of bulletin board sets, door decor, welcome banners and other resources to make your classroom bright, fun and educational.

Create Colorful Displays With Crayola Bulletin Board Sets

The Classroom Store has several Crayola bulletin board sets for sale with everything you need to create an informative, engaging display in your classroom.

The Crayola Let Your Color Shine Bulletin Board Set features decor and accents to make your bulletin board displays, classroom walls and hallways colorful and informative. Each 24-piece set comes with five panels that include:

  • A three-piece giant crayon box
  • A header with "welcome" text
  • A "Let Your Colors Shine" header, divided into four pieces
  • 16 decorative pieces

The Classroom Store also offers the Crayola Calendar Bulletin Board Set to keep track of the month, day of the week and season. This 99-piece set includes five panels and:

  • One giant calendar
  • 12 monthly headers
  • 33 dates
  • 37 special days
  • One day-of-the-week chart
  • Season and weather indicators

The Crayola Alphabet Mini Bulletin Board Set is a visual alphabet to help your younger students learn their letters and numbers. Each set has eight panels with:

  • 26 6-inch letter pieces
  • A two-piece number line that goes from 0 through 20
  • One spotlight letter indicator
  • Two headers for letters and numbers

The Crayola Colors and Shapes Bulletin Board Set teaches students colors and shapes with labeled pieces. The 28-piece set has five panels and:

  • 12 crayons labeled with color names
  • 12 shapes labeled with shape names
  • A "Crayola Colors and Shapes" header, divided into four pieces

Other Classroom Decor From Crayola Let Your Colors Shine

Bulletin board sets are just the start of the Let Your Colors Shine collection. You can also find:

Shop Crayola Bulletin Board Sets for Sale Today

If you want to decorate your classroom with the Crayola Let Your Colors Shine theme, you can find everything you need at The Classroom Store. We have many quality-made and affordable products for teachers of all grade levels. Browse our online store and place your order today.

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