Eleventh-Grade Teaching Resources

Eleventh-Grade Teaching Resources
Eleventh-Grade Teaching Resources

Eleventh grade is instrumental in high school education as students work to refine their skills and continue preparing for their futures as adults. Your support as their educator is critical to their journey, so outfit your learning environment with solutions from The Classroom Store to help them stay on track for success.




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Eleventh-Grade Classroom Materials for Language Arts

Reading and writing skills will be crucial regardless of your students' career paths. Nurture their language competency with our lineup of eleventh-grade language arts resources like these:

  • Writing strategies
  • Word games, searches and crossword puzzles
  • Chatter charts
  • Vocabulary exercise books

We also provide solutions for students studying foreign languages or English as a second language (ESL), including word-for-word dictionaries, fluency-building materials and flashcards.

Social Sciences Teaching Resources for Junior Year

Learning from history and exploring other social sciences are valuable ways for pupils to interpret the world and apply their practical knowledge. The Classroom Store supplies various materials to encourage learning in these disciplines, including:

Eleventh-Grade Teaching Materials for STEM Subjects

Occupations within science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields have one of the most promising growth rates and attractive salary levels. Eleventh-grade curricula that are rich in these topics can help students gain in-demand skills for future education or careers.

Consider sparking their interest with STEM resources such as:

Eleventh-Grade Instructional Aids for Disability Support

Ensuring support for those with disabilities is crucial to meeting their needs for a conducive learning environment. Our special education materials and equipment are ideal for inclusive and self-contained classrooms. Options include:

  • Sensory dark dens
  • Foot swings to expend extra energy while seated
  • Solutions for expressing and communicating emotions and feelings
  • Stretchy strings
  • Sensory aids

Classroom Organization and Storage Options

Keeping students and educators organized and focused is critical for an effective learning environment. Trust The Classroom Store for office supplies and classroom essentials like these:

  • Storage solutions
  • Calendars, planners and forms
  • File folders and hanging files
  • Binders, clips and sheet protectors

Eleventh-Grade Teaching Supplies for Lifelong Well-Being

Enrich your students' financial, social and physical health by encouraging the development of essential skills and habits.

The Life Skills series is an excellent option for helping teens learn to make money decisions and set budgets. Other engaging activities in this set boost their confidence in navigating the workplace and social interactions. You can also choose game-based learning in which students sharpen their decision-making skills by running an imaginary small business.

Exercise is also vital to well-being, so The Classroom Store carries a comprehensive selection of athletic equipment to promote physical activity.

Shop The Classroom Store for Your Eleventh-Grade Teaching Supplies

The Classroom Store leverages over 100 years of combined experience in helping educators create engaging, safe and fun classrooms at every grade level. We offer more than 11,000 solutions from over 500 of today's best-known brands to equip your learning environment with everything students need for a well-rounded education.

Shop all our materials and resources online today, or connect with us for ordering support.

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