Fifth-Grade Teaching Materials

Fifth-Grade Teaching Materials
Fifth-Grade Teaching Materials

Fifth-grade students are ready to solidify the knowledge and skills they gained from the early grade levels. Lay a solid foundation through relevant resources and guide them as they navigate more challenging topics. Our wide assortment of classroom materials serves as your teaching partners to improve topic mastery and increase participation. Tailor your teaching according to the subject area and your students' needs with The Classroom Store.




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Various Classroom Materials for Fifth-Grade Students

From science to math and language arts, our online catalog caters to relevant areas of learning. Discover unique teaching methods with the help of our extensive collection of educational supplies by subject:

  • Math: Explore our variety of flashcards, puzzles, posters, number charts and other educational games designed for fifth-grade math. These math classroom resources cover relevant subjects, including decimals, fractions, place value, algebra, graphing and more.
  • Social studies: Use different geography books, history posters and learning mats to develop an understanding of social studies. We also offer board games and learning puzzles to strengthen their grasp of social studies.
  • Language arts: Our collection of language art materials supports reading comprehension and writing efficiency. Improve student's knowledge in phonics, word construction and sentence building through book sets, task cards and article sets. Assess students' level of mastery through different activity materials and workbooks. We also carry several dictionaries, thesaurus and student atlas from top brands like Merriam-Webster.
  • Science: Let students learn more about pivotal science topics through engaging class discussions and fun science activities. Our vast array of science products such as reference books, practice sets and lesson materials provide them with a solid grasp of life science, space, weather, human anatomy and other areas. Lab experiments are also pivotal tools in expanding their curiosity, so invest in lab equipment, microscopes, coats and safety goggles.
  • Physical education: Keep students engaged and energized with various athletic equipment and games. Some of the best options in our selection include rubber balls, hockey sets, fitness bands and game equipment packs.

Instructional Aids for Fifth-Grade Students With Special Needs

We understand that students have different learning styles and capabilities. That's why we provide a variety of teaching materials that also cater to children with disabilities. Leverage special educational resources like fidgets, stress balls, sensory bands, sign language flash cards and more to create an inclusive environment.

Reliable Teaching Supplies for Teachers and Instructors

Level up your classroom with various instructional aids. Prepare bulletin and magnetic boards for seamless discussion. Folders, class records, plan books and other relevant office supplies are available from our online shop. There are even options for classroom furniture to elevate the teaching and learning experience. Check out the Bamboo Deluxe Chart Stand. It comes with a double-sided easel with a dry-erase whiteboard and some storage sections below.

Purchase Fifth-Grade Teaching Resources Online

If you're looking for a reliable set of classroom materials and teaching supplies for the fifth grade, The Classroom Store curates all the things you need to make learning more fun and teaching more effective. Browse through our vast categories of brands or check the materials by subject. Shop our online collection today and contact us with any questions.

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