First-Grade Teaching Materials

First-Grade Teaching Materials
First-Grade Teaching Materials

Diversify your teaching strategies with relevant books and interactive resources. First grade is pivotal to a child's education and learning success. It's a transitioning period from play-based learning to a formal classroom setup. The primary goal of first grade is to nurture skills across all areas, from cognitive to physical, language, social and emotional.




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As a meaningful and challenging stage for children, it's crucial to make learning fun and engaging. At The Classroom Store, we offer comprehensive teaching resources from trusted brands.

First-Grade Teaching Resources for Science and Social Studies

Children in the first grade are introduced to the fundamental concepts of science like life science and natural science. Topics vary and include learning about animal species, earth characteristics, states of matter and weather patterns. Along with science, students learn basic social studies concepts such as continents, number of countries and community components.

Nurture an interest in science with interactive materials, like sensory tubes, magnifiers, binoculars and some mix-and-measure sets. For social sciences, we offer teaching maps, geography learning mats and more.

First-Grade Classroom Materials for Math

Math in first grade focuses on understanding the sequence of numbers. This is the grade level where they learn how to compare shapes and compute numbers. Math learning in first grade also includes basic measurements, including length and width.

Our selection of math materials for first graders is comprehensive. Nurture their arithmetic skills with items such as:

First-Grade Training Supplies for Social and Emotional Learning

Let kids express their emotions in a more creative and interactive manner. We carry a wide collection of brands, from Miniland to Didax and Learning Shell Education, that support students in handling socially challenging emotions. Discover our online catalog of board games, activity cards and resource books that are pivotal for a child's emotional learning and social awareness.

First-Grade Instructional Aids for Reading and Writing

As a formative year for children's language development, it's important to hone first graders' handwriting skills and reading proficiency. Aid them in writing clearly, structuring sentences and practicing the spelling of different words. Pencils, erasers, sharpening tools and other writing tools are part of our inventory. We also provide instructional aids to improve students' reading and writing ability through:

  • Word puzzle cards.
  • Writing papers.
  • Journals.

Transform Your Classroom Into a Fun Learning Space

Keeping your students' interest can be challenging, especially for first graders. Help students stay focused and engaged by creating a conducive, fun learning setup. We supply various classroom essentials and decorations that are pivotal for a child's development. Some of the options in our inventory include magnetic boards, homework folders, school pencils and student kits.

Prepare Your Class and Shop From The Classroom Store

The Classroom Store curates different training materials needed for students of various grade levels. We offer first-grade teaching supplies to aid teachers and educators like you in nurturing the knowledge and skills of students. Explore our vast selection and purchase high-quality classroom resources. If you have questions about our products, please contact us today.

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