Kindergarten Teaching Materials

Kindergarten Teaching Materials
Kindergarten Teaching Materials

Every day is chock-full of amazing discoveries and milestones for kindergarteners. At this grade level, their curiosity is boundless, and they want to learn about almost everything under the sun. With regular classroom activities, children acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their academic careers. At The Classroom Store, we carry a comprehensive inventory of teaching materials to help teachers provide quality education to students.




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Classroom Resources Based on Grade K Curriculum

No two children learn at the same pace or in the same way, so providing a variety of teaching resources for students to work with is essential. Kindergarten generally covers basic subjects like math, reading, writing, art and science. Gear students up for more formal training ahead with our vast array of educational supplies.

Grade K Teaching Resources for Math

Teach the fundamentals of math with our extensive list of resources, from activity cards to posters and more. Other useful materials to provide opportunities for honing math skills include:

Grade K Instructional Aids for Science

In kindergarten, children become more curious about how the world works. Let them explore the world around them with simple activities and hands-on projects about science. We offer clear sensory tubes, wooden blocks and other supplies that encourage science exploration while nurturing their senses.

Grade K Craft Materials for Arts

Art gives students the freedom to be creative. Set up a fun art activity with our collection of craft supplies, ranging from colorful craft sticks to assorted crayons. You can also find items like the Sticker Art Gallery or the Junior Goo Spreaders that allow kindergarteners to discover their love for art.

Grade K Classroom Materials for Reading and Writing

Whether you're teaching hand-eye coordination or improving fine motor skills, kindergarteners need things to write in. Our inventory includes writing resources, like the Talking Hot Dots™ Pen, which is suitable for their little hands. We also supply various activity pages and books to assist students in mastering the alphabet, word families and phonics. Boost their reading and handwriting skills with our:

  • Word puzzle cards.
  • Sight word games.
  • Poems flip charts.
  • Magnetic alphabets.

Prepare for Grade K With Premium Teaching Resources

Teachers contribute to a child's academic success in school. That's why we provide supplies for both students and teachers. Some of the resources dedicated to teachers and instructors to improve their efficiency and productivity in teaching are:

Purchase High-Quality Grade K Teaching Supplies

As a momentous learning pursuit for youngsters, teachers need the right materials to help children succeed in grade K and beyond. Count on us for everything you require in the classroom, whether it's a new set of planners or premium instructional aids. The Classroom Store is your one-stop shop for quality teaching resources to achieve a fun, effective learning process. Check out our online inventory or contact us today if you need any help with your purchase.

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