Ninth-Grade Teaching Materials

Ninth-Grade Teaching Materials
Ninth-Grade Teaching Materials

Ninth grade is an exciting time for students as they begin to explore more advanced topics and have increased control over their class choices. It's also a transition for them as academic expectations rise, and keeping them engaged can be challenging for educators. Let The Classroom Store help with a comprehensive selection of ninth-grade classroom materials to inspire you and empower your students' learning.




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Ninth-Grade Instructional Aids to Explore STEM

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) career opportunities abound for those with these in-demand skill sets. Analysts expect several occupations in the field to grow by 15% between 2021 and 2031.

The ninth grade is the perfect time to encourage more curiosity and exploration in these disciplines. Support those efforts with teaching resources like:

Ninth-Grade Classroom Materials for Social Sciences and History

Social science and history lessons are vital for helping students better understand the world around them. Reinforce the impact of historical figures through classroom posters, or help students sharpen their social skills through engaging exercises. Other options include:

  • Interactive notebooks
  • Bulletin board sets
  • Chatter charts
  • Student journals

Ninth-Grade Teaching Supplies for Language Arts

Reading and writing skills are crucial for success in almost every imaginable occupation. Foster your students' skills in these areas with options like:

We also offer materials supporting foreign language and English as a second language (ESL) programs, such as fluency-building resources, dictionaries and flashcards.

Materials for Additional Learning

Students need to learn skills and healthy habits beyond their core subjects.

For example, physical activity is an integral part of adult health and well-being. Ninth grade is the perfect time to start building those healthy habits. Get your students moving with basketballs, stretch bands, hockey sets and additional play equipment.

The Classroom Store supports your efforts to provide your students with essential life skills. Consider games that teach budgeting and spending or simulate running a business. We also supply group project resources that foster teamwork, promote effective decision-making and encourage other soft skills.

Classroom Resources for Students With Disabilities

We offer a wide variety of equipment and learning materials for students with disabilities in all classrooms. Our options include:

  • Sensory aids
  • Stretchy strings
  • Under-desk foot swings
  • Pop-up sensory dark dens

Supplies for Classroom Management and Organization

A well-run classroom requires tools to keep students and educators organized and productive. Our extensive office supply inventory is your source for solutions like:

Order Ninth-Grade Teaching Resources From The Classroom Store

The Classroom Store is a trusted market leader in classroom supplies and learning resources for every grade level. Our comprehensive selection includes today's most well-respected publishers, manufacturers and course designers who align with state regulations and industry standards.

Browse our entire catalog online for inspiration in bringing learning alive for your ninth-grade classroom, or contact us for more information.

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