Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Materials

Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Materials
Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Materials

Pre-kindergarten is a significant phase for both parents and students. It prepares children between three and five years old for kindergarten's more structured learning format, and using differing teaching materials is crucial to lay a solid foundation for child development. The Classroom Store offers a variety of teaching supplies to help shape the main areas of child development, including cognitive, linguistic, social and physical.




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Pre-K Teaching Resources for Cognitive Growth

Cognitive development influences how children think, reason and act. It is crucial to early childhood education as it sets the foundation for future learning and academic achievements. As such, cognitive development is part of the pre-kindergarten curriculum to set the stage for young learners.

Utilizing different instructional materials is important to make learning more enticing. We offer teaching resources that stimulate both sensory and motor skills, such as:

Pre-K Instructional Aids for Linguistic Ability

Oral language is a keystone to literacy. Let the children participate in simple reading and recreational games to develop their writing and reading abilities. Storytelling is an excellent method that develops listening and comprehension abilities among children.

Different language-rich pursuits also support the improvement of children's social skills, forging interactions and friendships at an early stage. Promote oral language with training materials like:

  • Word and language games.
  • Books-on-tape and picture resources.
  • Alphabet and spelling cards.
  • Nursery rhymes and songs.
  • Sentence building magnets.

Pre-K Classroom Materials for Physical Development

In pre-kindergarten, children develop their motor abilities. Their bodies mature, which enables them to demonstrate their range of motor skills. From running to jumping and moving things around, letting kids work on their motor skills is important.

Reinforce physical growth by keeping them active through different activities and games. Our inventory of classroom resources that help strengthen their bones and muscles includes:

  • Rubber balls for soccer and basketball.
  • Colorful toys.
  • Unique craft projects.

Pre-K Training Supplies for Social Skills

Forming bonds and making friends can be challenging for some kids. Pre-kindergarten is a great avenue for them to socialize with other kids and help them understand more about their feelings. As teachers, there are several ways to nurture their social skills, and one way is encouraging them to interact and ask questions.

To support your teaching pursuits, we offer various resources designed to nurture your pre-kindergarteners' social and emotional skills. Some of the options where children can work together and enjoy things at the same time are:

  • Calculator cash registers.
  • Sorting sets.
  • Gaming toys.

Shop Pre-K Teaching Supplies From The Classroom Store

At The Classroom Store, we provide premium classroom resources for pre-kindergarten and other grade levels. Our wide selection of instructional materials supports students' cognitive, linguistic, physical and social development. We've partnered with trusted manufacturers and brands to provide teachers and students with the materials they need for teaching and learning. Buy from our online collection or contact us to learn more about our classroom supplies.

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