Second-Grade Teaching Materials

Second-Grade Teaching Materials
Second-Grade Teaching Materials

Welcome second graders as they explore more about math, science, social studies, language and life in general. In this grade level, students are more proactive, wanting to solidify their knowledge and skills across different subjects. Help students unlock new potential with our impressive variety of classroom resources. The Classroom Store is your reliable supplier of teaching materials for second-grade learning and beyond.





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Explore Various Brands in Our Online Inventory

Our selection of second-grade teaching supplies is extensive, offering products from renowned manufacturers and top brands in the market. Each brand provides unique sets of teaching and learning resources, from writing essentials to resource books and activity boards.

Partnering with these trusted manufacturers allows us to feature more options for teachers and educators. Browse our inventory by brand and find the best teaching strategy for your class.

Second-Grade Teaching Resources According to Subject

We are committed to making your teaching highly efficient and effective. Find ideas from our diverse array of classroom materials for the second grade based on the subject. We supply different resources that are pivotal to improving students' arithmetic, language, fine motor skills and more.

Reading and Writing

The second-grade curriculum is designed to sharpen children's reading and writing skills. Guide them to become better writers and readers with PrintWrite & ReadyWrite materials, newsprints and activity workbooks. We also have page writing journals that help students learn manuscript and cursive writing. Our vast supply of magnetic alphabets, reading comprehension games and book sets are beneficial too.


Reinforce your students' arithmetic skills with interactive activities. We carry a variety of learning resources that pique the interest of second graders, like board games and flashcards. Different math games also hone students' ability to mentally add numbers, add and subtract money and handle simple fractions.

Science and Technology

Second graders are expected to learn more about science, including plants, animals, the body and ecosystems. Introduce these topics and other scientific concepts related to biology, physics and chemistry to your students in an interesting manner. Make learning a fun experience with interactive classroom materials like science puzzles, activity cards and other tactile items. If you want to improve students' STEM skills, we have lots of products in our selection, including brain builders, learning cards and coding sets.

Social Studies

In second grade, students discover a wide range of topics, such as geography, economics, government and culture. Develop their skills in social studies content through various teaching aids. Invest in teaching maps, geographic puzzles, labeling globes and learning mats. Our collection also includes practice lessons for effective teaching techniques.

Second-Grade Teaching Supplies for Students With Special Needs

We also provide materials for students with special needs. We supply board games, stress balls, sensory pads and more. These are suitable for both classroom setups and more inclusive environments.

Order Second-Grade Learning Resources From The Classroom Store

Purchase second-grade instructional aids for your students today. Browse our inventory of teaching materials by grade or explore them by brand, and for inquiries about our products, send us a message online.

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