Seventh-Grade Teaching Materials

Seventh-Grade Teaching Materials
Seventh-Grade Teaching Materials

Give your students the knowledge and skills they need as they delve into more complex areas of learning. In seventh grade, students become more independent learners, exploring the complexities of language arts, math, science and other subjects. As your trusted supplier of classroom materials, we support you with all the necessary teaching resources you need for your seventh graders. Find the right set of training materials and resource books at The Classroom Store.




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Our Wide Array of Seventh-Grade Classroom Materials

Make your classroom a domain full of ideas, discoveries and milestones. Our comprehensive inventory of seventh-grade teaching supplies is designed to help you teach more effectively and efficiently. We've curated some of our instructional materials and teaching aids by subject for easy reference.

Improving Writing Skills and Reading Comprehension

Like any skill, reading and writing is something that can be taught with experience and the right resources. Our selection of language arts materials helps students become proficient in vocabulary, phonics and spelling. Invest in different spelling books, activity sets and dictionaries to help students develop and improve their reading and writing skills.

Developing Arithmetic Ability

Seventh-grade math requires understanding numbers, fractions, measurements and geometry. We offer several math resources, like flashcards, graphing charts, fraction boards and card games, for improved understanding of topics. Daily math workbooks and practice activities are also relevant materials to check their level of mastery.

Reinforcing Science Knowledge

Keep your students engaged in different science activities to improve their general knowledge in areas like biology, physical science and Earth science. Incorporate fun charts and poster sets to teach about cell structures, human organ systems, weather components and ecology. Microscopes, measurement sets, thermometers and kinetic magnetic wire sets are also remarkable tools for scientific experiments.

Scaling up Proficiency in Social Studies

Part of our seventh-grade instructional aids are social studies resources. Impart mastery in history, geography and government with book sets and posters. We also supply learning mats to help students understand more about maps, directions, grids and scales.

Promoting Physical Wellness

Keep students active through various activities and games. We carry some amazing products from top sports brands like Champion Sports and S&S Worldwide. Our collection includes playground tools, rubber balls and hockey sets.

Nurturing Social Skills

Social skills are essential for students to seamlessly interact with other people, cooperate in different environments and create lasting bonds. Boost students' social confidence with instructional resources like board games, book sets, activity cards and more.

Gearing up for the Future With STEM / STEAM Resources

STEM / STEAM learning is pivotal in harnessing critical thinking, decision-making and leadership skills. Prepare students for the future with unique and interactive product sets that pique their interest in engineering, architecture and coding.

Shop Teaching Essentials From The Classroom Store

Be ready for the school year with our diverse array of classroom resources. At The Classroom Store, we make learning more exciting and memorable. Buy high-quality seventh-grade teaching supplies online and contribute to your children's academic success and life achievements. For questions about our products, contact us today.

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