Tenth-Grade Classroom Materials

Tenth-Grade Classroom Materials
Tenth-Grade Classroom Materials

Tenth grade sets the stage for future higher learning and is often the starting point for career and college explorations. As an educator, you are instrumental in helping prepare your sophomore students for success in these future endeavors. Choose teaching and classroom supplies from The Classroom Store to balance challenge, engagement and meaningful learning.




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Classroom, Educator and Student Organization Essentials

Effective learning starts with a conducive environment. Create that foundation with our wide selection of office supplies that promote productivity and organization, like:

Tenth-Grade Teaching Materials for Core Subjects

Keep your students on the path to graduation with necessities for mandatory classwork.

Social Sciences

The social sciences enable students to learn and understand the world around them. We offer multiple resources for teaching history, economics, government and civics, and world cultures. Our options include chatter charts, classroom posters, game-based activities and interactive notebooks.

Physical Sciences

Physical sciences are frequently the driver behind innovation and technology. Discovering new ways to generate energy, minimizing the effects of climate change and pioneering new health care treatments all start with these foundations.

The Classroom Store has everything you need to empower your students to:

Language Arts

Language arts are fundamental subjects that help students become more literate, think more critically, tap into their creativity and express themselves accurately. Our collection of journals, essay prompts, reading comprehension workbooks and writing skills development tools enable pupils to improve their language proficiency. We also offer classroom resources for foreign language programs, including word-for-word dictionaries.


Tenth-grade mathematics introduces more advanced concepts, like algebra and geometry. The Classroom Store is your source for essentials like:

  • Workbooks
  • Calculators
  • XY grid boards
  • Slope and linear equation charts
  • Geometric models

Tenth-Grade Teaching Resources for Additional Topics

Enrich your students' learning in subjects beyond the core competencies.

Creative Expression

Encourage students to explore their creativity and express themselves with our lineup of art materials and supplies. Our selections include:

  • Watercolors, paints and brushes
  • Modeling and sculpting clays and plasters
  • Various paper types
  • Glues, glue guns and sticks
  • Knives and blades
  • Glazes, finishes and fixatives

Real-Life Skillbuilding

Teach your students vital skills they need to navigate their everyday lives. We have various solutions for helping them learn decision-making and budget-setting, including game-based activities. Our resources also include tools enabling them to learn about running a business or refine their social skills to prepare them for future workplaces.

Physical Well-Being

Incorporating physical activity in their lives allows your students to view exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. We have the athletic equipment needed to get and keep them engaged, like:

  • Balls
  • Hockey sets and goals
  • Game cones
  • Stopwatches
  • Floor mats

Tenth-Grade Instructional Aids for Special Education

The Classroom Store embraces diverse and inclusive classrooms by offering multiple solutions to support students with disabilities. Explore our collection of sensory aids, emotional expression tools, coping cue cards and other resources.

Buy Tenth-Grade Teaching Supplies From The Classroom Store

The Classroom Store is a trusted retailer of premium teaching resources from market-leading brands. Our materials and supplies help educators like you inspire and empower their students through engaging activities and meaningful lessons that meet state and industry standards.

Explore our entire catalog of solutions and buy online, or contact a specialist for ordering assistance.

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