Twelfth-Grade Teaching Resources

Twelfth-Grade Teaching Resources
Twelfth-Grade Teaching Resources

Senior year is the capstone of your students' high school careers and the final chance to refine their skills before they enter higher education or the workforce. It's also your last opportunity as their teacher to help prepare them for what lies ahead and ensure they have the necessary foundation to succeed.




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Partner with The Classroom Store and shop all your twelfth-grade teaching supplies with one trusted and experienced retailer.

Twelfth-Grade Teaching Materials

Access market-leading brands across multiple disciplines to create fun, engaging and meaningful learning for your seniors.

Twelfth-Grade Instructional Aids for Special Education

Students with disabilities often require extra support to enhance their learning, and The Classroom Store has many special education solutions available to help you meet their needs.

We carry a comprehensive selection of sensory aids, including discs, wearables and dark dens. We also offer tools to help students communicate their emotions, track their behavioral management progress and improve their social interaction skills.

Engaging Teaching Resources for Core Competencies

Achieving proficiency in core subjects is a graduation requirement. Our inventory includes multiple grade-level resources covering:

  • Language arts: Help students master their language skills with games, workbooks and activities designed to sharpen their writing abilities and improve their reading comprehension. The Classroom Store is also your online source for fluency-building solutions and foreign language dictionaries.
  • Social sciences: Empower students with a better understanding of people, history and world dynamics. We offer options like classroom posters, bulletin board sets and interactive notebooks to enrich their learning.
  • STEM subjects: Build science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) knowledge to help students prepare for careers requiring these in-demand skills. You'll find selections like geometric models, life science tools, coding robots and engaging math games to meet their learning needs.

Twelfth-Grade Teaching Supplies for Additional Subjects

Many high school curricula are renewing their focus on the importance of art to a meaningful and well-balanced education. Our inventory includes various art materials that let your students explore their creativity and engage in healthy self-expression. The Classroom Store also offers ways to help your students realize the benefits of physical activity through a wide range of athletic supplies. Additionally, we carry workbooks and activities that foster life skills like money management, social interaction and decision-making.

Essential Classroom Organization and Management Solutions

Keeping supplies and materials organized is vital to ensure students and educators can quickly find what they need, maintain their focus and stay productive. We provide a complete selection of office supplies for reaching those goals:

  • Planners and calendars for meeting assignment due dates and managing schedules
  • Binders for organizing projects and holding study materials
  • Filing and recordkeeping supplies for institutional compliance

We also offer many options for device management and charging, plus classroom storage solutions.

Inspire Learning With Twelfth-Grade Classroom Materials From The Classroom Store

At The Classroom Store, we draw from over a century of collective industry experience to bring our customers the best possible classroom supplies from today's most loved brands. You'll find more than 11,000 resources from over 500 manufacturers, publishers and developers in our inventory.

Contact us with questions, or shop securely online around the clock.

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